Higher Value,
Higher Results
Higher Value,
Higher Results
Higher Value,
Higher Results
Higher Value,
Higher Results
Higher Value,
Higher Results

"It is not
how big you are,
it's how
big you play"

John Wooden


Income out of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are almost more important then the sport or business itself

Image rights are also debated in Europe and are regulated differently in the EU countries .

Tax and financial climates in Europe are moving in the opposite direction of generate revenue.

System of IPR, business development and branding is fragmented, not innovative and has no participating character.

IP+ is addressing these facts. Strong, fast, and with better results.

What we are

IP+ is an integrated IPR and branding company. Legally based in The Netherlands, but active as a joint venture across the globe for sports clubs and athletes. IP+ was founded by the Dutch companies L&M and Mountain. Both best in class in their category. L ;& M gained a lot of expertise and know how in managing IP rights (also see www.lenmservices.nl). Mountain is a leading European branding agency (also see www.mountain.nl).

IP+ has a strong belief that combined expertise of IPR and branding really can lead to accelerated growth, increased profit and IPR and brand management. This is particularly true in combination with a Dutch headquarters, innovative structures and a fresh work method. But also know how to combine vision, action and reality.

Forget the old world, be bold and enjoy your new commercial future.

What we do

IP+ focuses on strategic advice, tactical development and operational exploitation.
Always based on a custom-made framework customized to your individual needs and culture.

There are three expertise areas that we believe are crucial:

Business and brand development,
Secure and proven IP location and management,
Legal and tax compliant.

Secondary, we also can take care of brand- and business activation. However,
we usually realize this through our network of partners in other countries and on
other continents or with the partners of the customer.

Your benefits
bottom line

  • No risk whatsoever, in every aspect
  • New revenue and better margins
  • Beneficial Dutch legal, tax and financial climate
  • No classification issue, royalties or income
  • Ownable business and branding toolkit
  • Integration of value creation and management
  • Pro-active and participating partners Low investment grade
  • Low investment grade

Reasons to

Unlike any other type of right, image rights must be created, developed and managed in order to increase additional revenue for the holder and for the user of such right.

A strong branded image right is appealing to others and represents economic value.

A great blend of forward acting IP+ experts.

The combination of (a) the location of IP rights in the Netherlands and (b) the IP+ joint venture of L & M and Mountain provides opportunities to (c) reduce tax charges associated with the exploitation of IP rights and (d) increase the revenues and margins.

Grade A agencies and people with experience in A brands like AB InBev, Ahold, Akzo Nobel, C1000, Cadburry Schweppes, Chiquita, Coca Cola, Cruijff, DAF Trucks, Delhaize, DSM, Expert, FrieslandCampina, Foot Locker, Football4everyone, Heinz, ING, Kraft Foods, KPN, Leaf International, Maxeda DIY, Nike, Nestle, Philips, Procter & Gamble, Royal Wessanen, SAB Miller, Shell, Toyota, TNT, Umbro and Unilever.

Our work

As previously mentioned, we always work using a custom- made framework tuned to the individual needs and culture of the client. This adapted framework is based on the following flow and guiding principles;

Look beyond the obvious: find opportunities in growth, protection, turnover and charges

Accessible fixed
project fee (menu based)

Arrange the basics: legal entities, registrations, tax structures, money flows

Accessible fixed
project fee (menu based)

Unlock the potential: translate opportunities of growth in to business and brand platforms

Fixed base plus % fee of IPR proceeds (negotiable)

Climb higher and deliver more: activate and build your business and brand(s)

% fee of royalty proceeds
(negotiable) and/or project fees)

Enjoy your commercial IPR future

% fee of royalty proceeds
(negotiable) and/or project fees)


The remuneration depends on to what extent the various service components of IP+ are deployed. Based on our work method, we clearly state the remuneration principle per phase.

Want to know

'If you think you've got everything under control,
you're not going fast enough'

Mario Andretti

Don't hestitate...


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Higher Value,
Higher Results

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